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Tengzhou Everbright Aroma Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2010, a rapidly growing manufacturer of chemical aromas. The company has now developed into a leading manufacturer of hetero-cyclic and sulfur aroma compounds in China and a reliable supplier for many flavor and fragrance enterprises at home and abroad.

We have dedicated our efforts to improving our technology and product range to satisfy the growing demands from our customers and also have received very positive feedback from our customers .

Everbright Products, Brighten people's life.

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Item No. Products CAS.No. FEMA.No.  
EP001 2-Acetyl Pyrazine 22047-25-2 4015 Show
EP002 2-Methyl Pyrazine 109-08-0 3309 Show
EP003 2,3-Dimethyl pyrazine 5910-89-4 3271 Show
EP004 2,5-Dimethyl Pyrazine 123-32-0 3272 Show
EP005 2,6-Dimethyl Pyrazine 108-50-9 3273 Show
EP006 2,3,5-Trimethyl Pyrazine 14667-55-1 3244 Show
EP007 2,3,5,6-Tetramethyl Pyrazine 1124-11-4 3237 Show
EP008 2-Methoxy-3(5/6)-Methyl Pyrazine 2847-30-5 3281 Show
EP009 2-Methylthio-3(5/6)-Methyl Pyrazine 2882-20-4 3136 Show
EP010 2-Ethyl-3-methylpyrazine 15707-23-0 3155 Show
EP011 2,3- two ethyl -5- methyl pyrazine 18138-04-0 3336 Show
EP012 2-Ethyl-5-Methyl Pyrazine 13360-64-0 3154 Show
EP013 2-Ethyl-3(5/6)-Dimethyl Pyrazine 13925-07-0 3149 Show
EP016 2- methyl -3- methoxy pyrazine 2847-30-5 3183 Show
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